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Time and Details of Trimbel
11-10-2014, 08:52 PM,
Time and Details of Trimbel
(This is going to be a working piece. Means i am going to be working on it a lot to help everyone understand the world and its ways.)

Trimbel, has a rich history. When it started, in the beginning, no one kept records. Its Un-written history is as vast as it's written history.

Un-written History - All of the planes swirled together and molded the Prime Material Plane. Some of the planar creatures took noticed and ventured here. These were the first of their kinds...Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, and so on. No Humans yet. Each of these powerful beings became the racial Deities. Creating races in their likeness. So...civilizations rose and fell like the tides upon the shore. So much happened, it's too much to talk about. At the end of this History...all of the Deities that came forth (even all of those mythos of the races, then of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Finnish, Arthurian, etc) and began to wage war. Most all of them fell, but those who didn't rushed back off to the depths of the planes, never to be heard from again.

Heroes and Villains rose to form a new pantheon. A single mythos that would help bring the world into better understanding.

Written History - This covers the 4 ages which this world has been threw since creatures started recording History. (Each age is roughly 50,000 years). Many things have happened. Cultures have come, kingdoms have formed, races have appeared and disappeared...only to come back again.

The World and Time
The world itself is huge. If you can see to the Horizon, you can see 36 miles (where it is 25 miles on our current earth).

The world is ruled by 3 suns (named after the Fates: Maurdin - The Green Sun, Fate of the Past (formally god of magic), Artimis - The Blue Sun, Fate of the Present (formally the God of Knowledge), and Trebourne - The Red Sun, Fate of the Future (Formally god of Science and Technology)

There are 5 Moons, all named after the evil gods - The Largest is Nebecanezer, First Dark Lord of Written History; Next Largest is Kord, The God of War since the beginning of written history; Next is Vahn, Master of Pleasure and Deity of Pain; Following is Serpentis the Lord of Snakes and Serpents; and last...the elusive moon is Kane, the Form deity of Thieves.

- There is a week during each year that all of the moons are full. This is known as the week of the beast. All shifters of any kind have limitless ability to shape change. It can be done at will and as a Move/action. Even those who are limited are limitless during this week.

- La Luna Del Catchatory: Night of the hunters Moon. The 1 Night every 100 years the moons align from largest to smallest (a 5 step full moon) causes all shape shifters to fall into a frenzy. They are filled with their animal nature and will act as that creature until the next common full moon. This was the night, the hunters of old would go hunting these creatures. Some say they still do...they are called the Swami, Hunters of the Beasts

Time is different here...being larger and having more things to push day and night across, so time moves and acts different here

60 sec = 1 min -> This one and...
60 min = 1 hour -> this one did not change, as it would mess with battles.
36 hours = 1 day
9 days = 1 week
6 weeks = 1 month
18 month = 1 year

**The above time rules where adjusted to for table top game play, but since this is a forum things will move differently**
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