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Races of Trimbel
11-10-2014, 09:05 PM,
Races of Trimbel
The Standards have changed. Races have come and gone.

Humans are still around, dressed in their common forms.

Hobbits are the keepers of secrets and remain quietly locked on their bit of land in the world. Never leaving to trade goods, or seeking riches. They live and trade amongst themselves. They do not tolerate outsiders much anymore. Thou, if you are lucky can catch them living naturally, as you would expect them to.

The Elves of all forms have left for the Undying lands and the Shining Shores. What was left behind are elves of another sort. Birthed at the beginning of the 4th age of the World. Their magic's are driven by the elements they are connected with. They are more tribal and younger than all the other families of elves. Some Drow have lingered behind, and can still be seen from time to time.
- The other elves left, because these under elves us Drugs to connect with their powers and have not quiet found the enlightenment of the Elves.
- Not all of the other Elves have left, but they are very far few and in-between

The Dwarves at the beginning of the 4th age dug deep into the earth. Letting the world forget them all together. Rumors have surfaced that some dwarves have been spotted, thou they look different. They carry traits of Minerals. Like the newly formed Elemental Elves, they have become one with which that they love.

Gnomes...disappeared at the beginning of the 4th age, when the town Shiv'in fell. The fell from the Holy grounds of Trebourne, Gnomish God of the Science and Technology's, into the 3rd great chasm of the world. It would seem all the Gnomes are gone...but some say, they still see some around the world. Mostly Minoi (tinker) Gnomes.

Dro'gre (like O'gre...but Dro....Dro'gre)...are much larger O'gre. They are smarter than O'gre mages. They are able to hold together a respectable society. They have taken the White South, the Frozen Waste for their home. They have enslaved the Ice Elves that live in the deep tundra's of these lands.

Kirarthy. The Lion like creatures of the Desert. They look like, upright standing Lions. They live in sieges, or great and deep rooted Mountains of the deserts. They are experts at collecting the spice from the worms to trade around the world. They are always seen in packs, and are well coordinated. Some sages say, the first race of the world were Kirarthy and those first creatures worshipped someone named Me'yaw. Sages are still unsure of what the translation of this name is.

Those are the playable races anyways. The normal creatures of the Monster Manuels can be found all over the world.

**Besides those mentioned above, I allow just about (which means, not everything..but mostly) everything. So discuss with me options and we will work forward from their, do not be discouraged to play because you do not like the selection above. Send me an Email I can send you some PDF's full of creatures that could be played**
"It's Madding...Always, touching...something."

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