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11-10-2014, 09:42 PM,
These beings have earned their Sainthood by being the one person who is called upon for help when doing something. These creatures are well known for what they are praised for, and also the reason they have become "Saints". The word "Saint" has no alignment in this world and the "Saint" in question follows an Alignment associated with the Deities who give them their Sainthood.

**This not all the Saints, as I am still working them to text for other people to read. As I get them worked up and as the world evolves other players whose characters achieve something great will also become Saints and/or Deities**

Fathious Lightweaver – Saint of Traveler’s, Marksmen/Snipers

This Lighting Elf was quick to leave his mark on the world after the death of his father. Questing to kill those who had wronged him, it leads him to travel the ends of the Prime Material Plane to gain power and seek his revenge. However, along his travels he developed his skills in the Bow and Arrow. Now a Master with them and a high level Sniper, no one escape’s his arrows. Fathious is one of a few Saint’s there is little history for, as if he tried to cover up his past so none would know what he is up to now or plans to do in the future.

Deity association: Jirik, Lim-Dul, Xi’an, Vahn


Illidan – Saint of Peace and the Winds

Thought to be the last of his race, this Wind Elf moved about the world trying to maintain the balance of things. It’s hard to be the last of your kind, trying to make your way through the world alone. However evil may have tried to sway him, this monk never gave in. Becoming the Grand Master of Winds, in the school of monkhood he created under the clergy for Artimis, Illidan defeated many foes’ that threatened the lands. In the early part of the 4th age of man, when people where still in the chaos in the downfall of technology, the dragons leaving, and the lands left war torn...only one entity could stand out to calm the lands. It was whispered, on the winds of the people, that a single Elf was appearing before major battle and talking words to both commanders. Soon after, everyone would go home, then winds then whispered the name of Illidan on those empty fields safe from battle. However, there was one evil that would not have it. The Mistress of Slaughter went about the lands, trying to cause war so she would have a reason to fight people on the battle field and bathe in their blood. Eventually, the only way it seemed to stop war...was to stop the Mistress of slaughter. Illidan took up no vow of non-killing. He stuck to this vow to never kill, unless it where to save the lives the innocent. So, he confronted her...and they had at it for weeks on end. The western shores of the Kingdom of Kledorn became dust in their wake. Eventually...the mistress would fall slain upon the shore. Illidan than took the time to properly put her body to rest. From that day, anyone who wishes peace upon them utters the name...Illidan.

Illidan is also the Lord of the 4 winds. Which he has complete control over at any time, so fighting him is hard when you cannot get close to him. This Elf has also attained a level of Monk that no other Monk has. The only title they can give him for this level, is Transcended.

Deity association: Purpleheart, Gathiel, Jirik


Broc – Saint of the Creator’s

A very grumpy creature indeed, this Earth Elf became one of the first to study under Jirik before the gnome became a god. So, what abilities Jirik knew he would pass on to Broc to help him to understand how to create. Having the abilities of an earth elf is not he was able to find rare and raw materials at the blink of an eye. Before becoming saint, Broc opened a bar in the Kingdom of Kledorn, which grew to such fame those from around would come to it. It’s this and his side business of making items for people and brew special beer that made Broc famous. Soon, anyone who wanted anything created with super special detail would ask for Broc...the local tinkers and such came to utter his name when they made things too small for El’ric to worry about or not worth of the attention of Jirik. Broc fills in that whole of creation that the other two deities do not.

Deity association: Jirik, El’ric, Gathiel


Airamir - Saint of the Rangers and Protector of the Woodlands

Now here’s a story...a simple, ordinary human ranger. Who would have thought that someone so plain could end up being something so powerful. Airamir adventured with many of the saint in the early years, always out of place for simply being human. Like all groups filled with demi-humans and 1 human, you find that the human always die quickly. Knowing he would die someday, he accepted death when it finally came. A smile on his face to the end, is how everyone remembered him. Those he traveled with where sad, the world having lost such a good friend and skilled ranger. So...Marcus took it upon himself to turn Airamir into a fallen angel. Something born of something good? Returned to life against his wishes and will...the once good soul came back cussing and screaming at those who would have brought him back. Filled with anger, Airamir left...forsaking all others, he went into the Shifting Woods. He came to seek rest and peace, a calm in the storm of his mind for what has happened to him. He was even disgusted to be turned such a vile creature. However, as the fates would have it... this rebellious nature that caused a unique event...Airamir is the only known “Good” Fallen Angel (Thuragram Family). A lone wolf with his Hawk Frodo, they wandered the woods silently. Enforcing rules that outsiders had to obey or suffer for it, and any who attack or dare to harm the forest without cause, will feel his wrath. This drew the watchful eye of Alexizandra. Soon after, he was commissioned to train some of her personal men in his ranger skills...they became the Guardians of the Shifting Woods. It was from then on, the people started to whisper his name when they need protection or help while lost in the woods.

For Doing such a good Job with his charge, the Goddess has made him an Angel of Nature and the Grand Protector of the forest. As a result, all Rangers dedicated to following the will of Airmair, their animal companion gains the ability of mental communication and an Intelligence enough to learn the native tongue of the Ranger.

Deity association: Alexizandra


Sentiel Mils'fire Qual AKA Bo - Saint of Archer’s and Bard’s

This Nature elf has had a long life. One of the first Elemental elves that appeared in the world. His work with the people outside of the Shifting Woods has opened relations for the creatures of the Woods to the Kingdom of Kledorn and the Freelands of Lora. In these travels, he befriended the Lord of Dwarves (before he was the Lord of Dwarves) Magus Wiggsplitter. They traveled so long together, that their rivalry became so famous and a key portion of their friendship that Magus took it upon himself to have his ears pointed like an elf’s ears. During Bo’s adventures he lent himself to the Deity Jirik (before he was a deity) to allow him to be manipulate and altered to a point that no one really knows what all Bo can do. He is known for appearing in rare situations of battle and playing ballads or helping in one side of the war or the other (random chosen, as he is Chaotic Neutral, he could fight for the losing side or winning).

Bo has a rare Bow of many Strings, which allows him to fire more than one shot a round as well as play any of his bard songs at the same time. Some call him the original Rock God, but new bards slowly starting to appear, might be challenging this title.
Bo was turned by Dominic the former Deity of Dreams to keep an eye on Heric the Destroyer. However, at the end of the 4th age, Jirik fought Dominic and killed him, taking on the mantel of the Dream God. As well, he took on Bo as a servant. Bo serve’s for Jirik and Vahn.

Deity Association: Jirik, Vahn


Travis Kemper - Saint of Suicide’s and Innocence

This Human was skilled at everything he put his hands. A Peasant Hero of every town he traveled to. This Human had a rare kindness in him, he would spend his time helping those who had nothing. Travis used his families wealth to help the poor, giving them food or a place to stay. He never thought of himself. Those towns he happened to be in, that came under attack by local wild creatures…Travis stood out to fight them.
Travis never became a great hero, never had any real accomplishments, other than being known for helping the weak. Which often drew the eyes of Gathiel and Illidan for this rare kindness, so they often provided him a little extra strength in his time of need.

No one knows why, No one knows when…but out of the blue, Travis committed suicide. However, his memory and will was not allowed to pass from the world. The God of Light brought this selfless man into Sainthood and put him back on the Prime Material Plane. Now, Travis appears before those who are going to kill themselves and talks them out of it. Having done so himself, it’s easy for him to empathize with those whom he talks with. When he appears he generates an aura of Calm (like the spell of 15th level) as well as a Calming Touch (of the same level) and he carries no weapons but ends up having the same number of attacks as the person or creature he is facing and doing the same amount of damage as the creature or person he fights (adopting all the Dice damage the enemy does but no any special or magical effects)

Deity Association: Gathiel, Purpleheart

** This Saint, of all Saints, has no real character background like all those listed here. He was a close friend of mine who killed himself for no reason, left no note. He helped me in times of need, and was a great friend, this is how I have chosen to honor him.**


Marcus Arillius - Saint of Business Men

This once human turned Fallen Angel under the vestige of Vahn took the Coliseum by storm. At first, he was a simple human fighter who fought in the name of Kord but having had a chance to gain some Gladitor skills, and entering the Family of Fallen, it turned him to a more vile path. Marcus fought long and hard, defeating every opponent that came in his way. Once he took the top poisiton of the Coliseum for over 100 years…he used his winnings to buy the Coliseum from the previous owner (then having him killed and taking back his money). Ever since then, Marcus has run the Coliseum, bringing in more profit than anyone ever could. Letting the port towns become a haven for evil…welcoming all creatures of the world and providing just about any service one could want.

Marcus went Unchallenged for another 100 years until another soon to be Saint, fought his way up in the Coliseum, to challenge Marcus. Jugherth is Marcus’ equal, as they are both unable to defeat one another. They have spent over a month fighting in the ring once, they had to spend their winnings after words to repair the place. These 2 have sort of formed a friendship, loving to hate one another. Never will they let someone else kill the other, as it is them who will kill the other.

Marcus is also a Member of the Sinful 7 - Pride

Deity Association: Jirik, Vahn, Kord


Aliester Thuragram – Saint of the Desire and Fetishes

The mystery woman of Vahn’s family, Not much is known about this human woman. Other than, when Vahn became a god, this woman appeared. The only real thing known about her is that she is one of the first turned as a Fallen Angel in Vahn’s name. She is the Saint that embodies her sire on the Prime Material Plane.

This woman plot’s and plan’s, trying to advance her business. Marcus was one of the first Adventures turned, and brought into this Fallen Family by her. Rumor has it she is trying to take Vahn’s place as a Deity. Thou no official attempt has been made.

She is also the Queen of the Fetishes, and it is seen very much in her Club’s which are also temple’s to the God of Pain and Lust. These places resemble more of a modern day Night Club. Dance Floor, Dance Music, DJ Booth, Bar and several floors of fun.

They also say, she is a member of the Sinful 7 – Lust.

Deity Association: Vahn


Nathan Augren – Saint of Flame

This Fire Elf went out of his way to find every possible powers of fire. His quest sent him to Jirik before he became a god and for trades of Blood and Soul to gain more power over fire than Nathan ever had. Eventually, Nathan was found out by the Fallen Family…which only caused him control of fire to become more centered. As time passed and befriend Heric, this creature turned evil. They killed anything they ran across. Such raw power was noticed by Vahn since Nathan is a member of the family, he was given control over one of the planes of the Abyss Vahn controls as well as Balor Class status Tanar’ri. Ever since then, Nathan has been one of the main reasons the Blood War has been continuing to go on. Also, Nathan has been the one Tanar’ri who is constantly trying to break into Celestia and fight the Angels there…as he has a quarrel with Gatheil.

Deity Association: Vahn


Heric The Destroyer – Saint of Destruction and Battle

The First crowned prince of the Dro’ger nation, this creature started as a simple fighter for Kord and he served his god well. However, Heric got caught up in the Fallen Family as well…at this point he picked up serving as a Knight for Vahn and took up the class of Paladin. Heric is the first recorded Paladin to serve 2 gods, he had access to powers of both of these divine beings.

Heric is great friends and fallen family with Nathan, and they carved a path into history together. Randomly killing and destroying towns or great places of power in the world, just to see if they could. It’s these things that helped to create the deity Xi’an the Deity of the Sands. One of the many villages they destruction brothers took out, however someone survived and still seeks to kill him.

Heric is also, The Wished, King of Pirates. He found a Wish and thus, became the King of Pirates. He is not the respected or observed king of pirates…but pirates instantly know who he is and shows him the respect. Pirates have to roll a morale check if they are with the current King of Pirates and facing Heric at the same time, to see if they will stay true to the current King or turn and fight for Heric.

Member of the Sinful 7 - Wrath

Deity Association: Vahn, Kord
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