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Deities and Domains
11-11-2014, 11:39 PM,
Deities and Domains
Gathiel Male – Solar Kensi (22)/ Wu’jen (20)/ Bronze-Platinum Dragon (Age Category: 9)

-Deity of Light and Honor
-Animal/Symbol Platinum/Bronze Dragon
-Colors are White, Platinum and Bronze
-Worshiping anytime, any day
-Worshiped in an structure where more than one person prays
-Worshiped by any of Lawful or Good alignments
-Offerings of Prayers

One of the newest Deities, only push 1,000 years into the family practice. Little did anyone know until 500 years after Trinity’s death (former goddess of light), her son would appear out of nowhere and claim what is his by blood. It took years of Talking to and trying to make Gathiel understand that there was no other person who could fill the he is the only heir to the power. When Trinity was killed, he was the one person to lead a solo mission against the Darkness of the planes which were spilling into the Prime Material Plane and with a small group of which are either now Saints or Deities, they pushed the evils back into their own planes. This is why Paladins, Priest, Father’s (Not the Parent kind) and other such religious figures are often found giving worship to this Deity. Good Aligned warriors and other class sometimes call out to the night screaming of light and honor. Eventually, all prayers are heard and answered in time.

Clerical figure’s in patronage to Gathiel get a +1 to all healing as well as +1 towards all outsiders. Also, they get a +1 on all saving throws if the source is evil.

Domains: Ancestor, Celestia, Celestial, Civilization, Courage, Exorcism, Family, Glory, Good, Healing, Joy, Justice, Law, Life, Light, Nobility, Paladin, Partisan, Purification, Renewal, Repose, Sun, Truth
Purpleheart Male – Unknown Shaman (40)

-Deity of Thought and Knowledge
-Animal/Symbol by the Owls of the world
-Colors are soft blues and greens
-Worshiping anytime, any place
-Worshiped in a quiet place of learning
-Worshiped by anyone who seeks enlightenment
-Offerings of taking the time to learn 1 new thing each week

There are very few dedicated worshippers of Purpleheart, having only stepped into Godhood 1,000 years ago. . However, Purpleheart was the right hand of the former Deity, so nothing in the aspect of this religion has changed, other than the name of the one who runs it.

All are welcomed to worship Purpleheart, but only those who seek true enlightenment not seek out the Grand Library (which only be found when you’re not truly looking to find it), and climb the infinity stair case will find the awesome light of knowledge that is the radiance of Purpleheart. The all-encompassing light of knowledge. It’s those who have come here that get blessed with gifts of knowledge and are often accept into group known as the Medri.

Those dedicated to knowledge and understand that the balance of power changes from time to time are known as the Medri, High Priests of the former Deity of knowledge Artimus, who now follow the guide of Purpleheart

Domains: Ancestor, Balance, Celerity, Divination, Fate, Good, Herald, Inspiration, Law, Meditation, Memory, Mind, Mysticism, Oracle, summer, Summoning, Time, Vigilance

Lim-Dul Not applicable – Living Death
True Necromancer (Wizard 17 and Cleric 17)/Pale Master 15/Dread Necromancer (20)

-Deity of the Nether, Necromancy, Death
-Animal/Symbol is that of a Moon lit graveyard
-Colors are Grey, White, Black, and Rust
-Worshiping at each burial attended and each winter solstice
-Worshiped any place death is near
-Worshiped by those of any evil alignment. Most Lawful Evil followers.
-Offerings are assisting the non-living to the Nether, helping with a funeral in some way

This god is kind Like most of the gods right Having only been a Deity for 1,000 and for the 3 ages previous, Lim-Dul was ever the loyal servant to the previous deity of Death, Lumus. So from right hand to god Lim-dul stepped. Not much has changed. Lim-dul is not hell bent on ruling the world one day, he’s happy to have his piece of the pie. What he believes to be the first step into a whole new playing field and welcomes any who thinks they are strong willed enough to live forever to see your true power...come follow him.

Any class related in dealing with the Undead gains a +2 on all rebuke checks to control undead, + 1 on saves verse any spell of any good source, and Undead Sense (10ft radius) to help in their quest into forever. Those who make it high enough to be noticed, gain favor from the god in the form of some minor miracle to aid in furthing them along.

Domains: Darkness, Dead, Deathbound, Deathless, Grave, Hades, Haunting, Necromancer, Spirit, Undeath, Winter
Kord Male – Dwarf
Battle ranger (20)/ Vindicator (20)/ Barbarian (20)/ Beast Rider (20)/ Gladiator (20)/ The Wyrm’s breath which consumes the world, Great Elder Wyrm Red Dragon (age category: 12)

-Deity of War and Greed
-Animal/Symbol Great Red Dragon
-Colors are Red, Gold, Platinum, Black
-Worshiping within each battle
-Worshiped any battleground you stand on currently
-Worshiped by only those of Evil or Chaotic alignments, as well as Gladiators
-Offerings are simple, do not die in battle.

This psycho little dwarf is not allowed on the Prime Material plane. The simple fact of his will and ego to kill and fight matched by an insatiable Greed that drive men to do vile things, would force everyone to act only on those 3 things. In agreement with the other Deities, Kord remains in the outer planes with his control over the planes of War, Battle, Tactic’s, planning and everything else associated to store all of the Ego and Will. Kord loves two things...Winning and drinking, and be rest assured Winning will always come before drinking. Rumor says that even his Greed can come before the drinking...we’ll let you guess what it comes to when you want to know about Fighting and Greed. Kord is one of the Original 5 Deities of Darkness.

Kord is worshipped by man and warrior types. Mostly the wild clans of Berserker’s, Barbarian’s, Beast Riders, and Tribes favor this deity. However, those who actually worshiped Kord never get a response. Saying those who call his name in battle and need help, are cowards who do not deserve his praise.

Domains: Barbarian, Beast Master, Courage, Destruction, Dwarf, Endurance, Fighter, Fortune, Fury, Greed, Guardian, Healing, Hero, Planning, Predator, Protection, Retribution, Strength, War, Wealth, Wrath
Vahn Male – Fallen Angel
Paladin (20)/Monk (20)/Pugilist (15)/Abjurationist (10)/Psionist (10)/Ice mage (10)/ True Tanar’ri – Balor

-Deity of Pain, Suffering and Lust
-Animal/Symbol by any torture device
-Colors are Steele, Silver, Blue and Abyssal Black
-Worshiping at each new moon
-Worshiped in places designed for Pain/Suffer/Lust
-Worshiped by Tanar’ri (demons), Twisted sick individuals and those of Evil alignments
-Offerings of Sadist or Masochist deeds

Kord and Vahn share the same process of thought...they need no other to help further their goals of power. This God furthers himself by digging into the far corners of the outer planes to find knowledge older than anyone knows. However, stuff hidden this far out is from the darkest parts of the universe. Knowledge buried for the things they summon and cause to other things around them. It’s that pain and suffering Vahn longs for. His lust for knowledge knows no bounds, and he will stop at nothing to get it. Even the children he creates are only there to further his drive for more power. Being a Top demon, he makes deals of power with creatures and entities, these deals give the god more power. Is one of the original members of the Deities of Darkness. Vahn is the 1st of a powerful Fallen Angel family known as the Thuragram’s.

There are only two Temples of Vahn in existence and they reside in the only 2 port towns of Prison Isle. Here in each temple, the two Highest Priestess are Vahn’s oldest two Fallen Angel chyldren. The only place on the Prime Material plane allowed worshiping of such a deity in the way that is required. Those priests who survive a few levels outside of the Prison Isle eventually draw the watchful eye of Vahn. Those who get good at what they do and survive might one day be granted the blessing of being a chylde in his fallen angel family.

Domains: Blood, Body, Demonic, Denial, Domination, Evil, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Hunger, Inquisition, Joining, Lust, Mentalism, Pact, Pain, Perversion, Pleasure, Pride, Sloth, Spite, Suffering, The Abyss, Trickery, Tyranny, Voyeur, Wrath
Seiyoku Unknown – Doppelganger
Enchantress (25)/ Gallant (Bard 20)/ Swashbuckler (15)/ Swindler (thief 12)

-Deity they call the Mistress of Enchantments, The Mistress of Love
-Animal/Symbol is that of an eloquent feline
-Colors are that of Red and Flesh tones
-Worshiping in the spring
-Worshiped in moments where thoughts are altered
-Worshiped by those tricksters and sneaky type thieves
-Offerings are controlling others threw manipulations of Love

This Mistress of Enchanter’s, Swift talkers, name it, if it requires a little favor by sway of tongue, this Deity knows all about it. It’s how she worked her way into becoming what she is today. Only other deities can tell when Seiyoku is shifted into another person or using her enchantments to control people (which she does for her own personal amusement.). There is no beauty beyond her, as her enchantments and doppelganger abilities allow her to take the form of any woman of desire beyond any imagination can. What most sages say, is that no one knows for sure if Seiyoku is truly male or female.

She has had a love, since time has began...a soul mate you could say, who understands her position. This figure has always been hidden and kept a secret, for Seiyoku knows this can be used to get at him or her.

Followers of this goddess always refer to her as Mistress and never Goddess, as if the title Goddess is some insult. Mages following the enchanting arts, and worship Seiyoku get access to both Arcane and Divine lists (Domains below) and a +1 to caster level. Bards and Thief/Cleric who rely on words get a bonus level to checks to use said skills. Thieves using the arts to disguise themselves gain a +1 to disguise skill.

Domains: Art, Beauty, Body, Charm, Good, Passion, Sun, summer
Alexizandra Female – Nymph
Druid (30)/ Elementalist (30)/Herbalist (30)/ The Wyrm that calms the world, Great Elder Wyrm Fairy Dragon(Age Category: 12)

-Deity of the Element’s, Mother of Nature
-Animal/Symbol is that of Nature itself...any of it
-Colors of Nature and the rainbow’s in between
-Worshiping in the Summer and on the Summer solstice
-Worshiped in nature
-Worshiped by Nature Elves, Rangers, Druids and those who love Nature
-Offerings of communion in nature, naked. Being at one with everything around you

Sages call her the Mother of all...The Oldest of all the Deities, no one pre-dates her. The essence of all the elements flow from her. Each step she takes is followed by flowers, bushes, small tree’s and tiny little rivers that flow. Druids and Nature elves say, she is the balance that keeps the world together...the soul protector of the Prime Material plane. Her cleric’s would have you believe she is the whole Prime Material plane. It’s been centuries since any non-immortal has had contact with her, or so they claim. No one truly knows how to get ahold of her to talk to, or even how to kill the goddess. Some even say, that if Alexizandra where to die...the whole Prime Material plane would collapse in on itself and all of life would end.

There are not so called “Cleric’s” that worship Alexizandra, as they are usually called druids. These clergy are the ones who get the most bonuses from the goddess. Able to use one level higher set of spells when in their groves. Once they are able to speak to animals, they can also have limited Plant Teleportation. As long as the druid is in its grove, they heal twice the normal rate.

Rangers dedicated to this goddess are able to conceal their movements 100% as they walk through a forest, and always know which direction is north while in a forest.

Nature Elves believe they are direct decedents of Alexizandra, they say she was the first nature elf and that all their powers stem from her...this faith gives them connection to their powers on a lot deeper level, often able to use their spell like abilities sooner and with more power.

Domains: Air, Animal, Balance, Beast Master, Black Water, Cavern, Creation, Community, Cold, Dragon, Drow, Druid, Dwarf, Earth, Elf, Family, Fey, Fire, Flame, Force, Gnome, Healing, Metal, Moon, Nature, Night, Ocean, Orc, Plant, Ranger, River, Sand, Seafolk, Scalykind, Shadow, Slime, Stone, Storm, Summer, Sun, Water, Weather, Winter, Wood
Jirik Male – Minoi (tinker gnome)
Psionist 42 (bipartisan brain each level 21)/ Artificer (20)/ Clockwork Mage (20)/ Alchemist (15)/Alterationist (10)

-Deity of Science, Dreams and Fantasy
-Animal/Symbol (none)
-Colors are Emerald Green and Black
-Worshiping at the beginning of a new Project or undertaking of a dream made reality
-Worshiped in workshops and dreams
-Worshpped by those who like to make things and those dreams, of either Neutral or evil
-Offerings of at least 1 wondrous creation each year

Formally known as “D” and still known as such to those Saint’s and Deities whom he used to make things for, before everyone got to know El’ric and the war to end the 3rd Age broke out. Having been around as long as Kord, Vahn, Seiyoku, and Serpentis, but only recently having stepped into the shoes of Godhood as Trebourne, the former deity of science, stepped down. This took a once recluse individual and opened him up for the entire world to worship.

Jirik is not really known for his kindness, as everything requires payment. Everything has value and price, weight and worth. There is a Balance in creation...and calming. So long as those who worship Jirik give him their 1 wondrous creation each year....their inventions that they find no way to finish, no matter how hard they try, will just one day have a spark of thought (a gift of Jirik) on an idea that might work to finish an amazing project. Outside of that, anyone who creates anything in the name of Jirik gain’s a 50% increase in craft time, and the result are increased by the same amount.

Domains: Artifice, Craft, Creation, Dream, Gnome, Inspiration, Madness, Mechanus, Metal, Mind, Planning, The Future, Trickery
Uralian Female – Kirarthy
All school Wizard (20)/ Arjuwami (15)/ Artificer (15)/ Alchemist (10)/ Wu’jen (10)

-Deity of all that is Magic both Arcane and Clerical
-Animal/Symbol is that of a spell book, set upon a background of stars
-Colors are Purple, Grey and Gold
-Worshiping when learning new acquired spells
-Worshiped at places magical items and books can be sold
-Worshiped by all users of magic
-Offerings of new created spells for the God to consider.

When Mordin, the former Lord of magic had to step down, his right hand and beloved student took his place. The first Kirarthy to become a deity in all of history has inspired others to leave the caves of their homes and get to know the world. Interesting enough, that there is one entity that controls the entire of flow of magic...and without this one entity, it would even make the deities powers worthless. Either people fear the Goddess or they admire her for the strength to fill a role. Thou, over the past 1,000 years Uralian has carved her way into history by using her High priests to seek out lost knowledge in the depths of places and realms beyond that of the planes. No one knows why, but everyone thinks the Goddess is planning something.

The Cleric's of Uralain and and Vahn have been reported to class from time to time, since they both are hunting lost knowledges. This has caused a rift between the Deities, and their cleric's often fight when they see each other.

Clerics who follow in the deity of magic have access to their spheres in both magic and clerical lists. Those who are Magic User/Cleric get the benefit to access in all schools of magic and clerical lists (without restriction to negatives for having opposing schools in your lists.)

Domains: Ancestor, Artifice, Bard, Celerity, Divination, Illusion, Magic, Meditation, Memory, Mind, Mysticism, Portal, Rune, Spell, Sorcerer, Wizard
Xi’an Male – Undead (Lich Mummy)
Psionist (30)/ The Wyrm the strips the lands, Great Elder Wyrm Sand Worm (Age Category: 13)

-Deity of Revenge, the Plagues, and the Desert
-Animal/Symbol is that of the Spice Worms
-Colors are Browns , Tans, Yellows and Oranges
-Worshiping happens when you feel vengeance in your heart or born are of the Desert
-Worshiped in the Desert
-Worshiped by those with ill will in their hearts, or are born of the sands
-Offerings of getting vengeance upon those who wronged you, or by consuming spice

Xi’an...a simple human from the deserts of Cre’n, little is known about him other than having been a servant of Lim-Dul for years (before either of them became deities) Xi’an, seeking to take out the murders who claimed his home town, to vengeance on all those who attacked Human towns in the Wild Sea of Cre'n desert. This gained him praise among the people, and with a hand in freeing the old god of the desert...Xi’an found his rise to power. However, like some of the other gods, he keeps to himself...his temple constantly moving beneath the desert. Some sages think Xi’an is looking for lost knowledge of a kingdom that once resided there. Xi’an, the youngest entity to ever to become a deity, is the only one still allowed to be on the Prime Material Plane. Never to leave his temple, unless in the lands of the desert only. Yes, each Deity has their own plane of existence...but Xi’an is not done studying the sands of this plane before even thinking of moving on. Is one of the newest members of the Deities of Darkness.

Very few cleric’s follow Xi’an because of his ways...he is mostly worshiped by the people of the desert, and in return he keeps them protected. For those who do no praise him, they face the wrath of plagues when opposing him. Xi’an even walks among his people from time to time, to ensure life is well and often praises the inventors with a blessing. He is both Saint and Deity to them, do not question the faith of his people, for they will cut your throat at the very next word.

Domains: Craft, Creation, Dead, Death, Decay, Destruction, Diabolic, Disease, Knowledge, Pestilence, Plague, Retribution, Rot, Sand
Serpentis Male – Yuan-ti Animal Lord (all reptiles)
Shadow Mage (Arcane and Clerical 30)/ Myrmidon (20)/ Psionist (15)/ The Wyrm that whispers in the deep shadows, Great Elder Wyrm Deep Dragon (Age Category: 13)

-Deity of Shadows, Sand’s and Anything Reptilian
-Animal/Symbol Snakes slithering across a shadowed background
-Colors are the shade of any color, the shadow the follows everything
-Worshiping under the full moon
-Worshiped in shadowy, far of cavernous places
-Worshiped by Yuan-Ti, Evil Dragons, and those who seek to do evil of any sort
-Offerings of evil are accepted by this deity.

If you are not Reptile and don’t have evil in your heart, don’t bother worshiping this god

The only other deity as old as Alexizandra herself and Founder of the 5 Deities of Darkness. Serpentis has a long history of trying to bring back the Lord of Darkness, Nebecanezer...and is always forted by the forces of Light. So his minions search the darkened places of reality for the means and the way to bring back his Lord. There have been many attempts to remove and kill Serpentis...but as he always tells everyone, where there is light there must be shadow, meaning Serpentis is forever.

Clerics of Serpentis accel in only one thing...evil. Its flows from them like a scent, it can be felt on the skin. However, the ultimate price of the life of these clerics is to search for ways to bring back the Darkness itself. Those who stay true to this task gain a +1 to spell level every 5 levels, and have access to both Arcane and Clerical lists of Serpentis granted Domains.

Domains: Animal (snakes), Baator, Bestial, Cavern, Cold, Darkness, Diabolic, Evil, Hatred, Illusion, Nature (snakes), Predator, Scalykind, Shadow, Trickery, Tyranny
El’ric Not Applicable – War forge Berserker (25)

-Deity of Smith’s and Artisans
-Animal/Symbol is that of an Anvil and hammer
-Colors is that of anything metallic
-Worshiping while working on a new Project
-Worshiped in any place deemed a work shop
-Worshiped by anyone that is a Smith or Artisan of their trade
-Offerings of 1 Greater Master Work Quality a year

One of the newer Deities, El’ric faced many odd’s to become a Deity. Created by an Artificer that soon died there after, Jirik took in the war forge and helped along the growth of El’ric. As El grew he got to be close to many of the new god’s and most of the saints alive today. It was because of them, that El master all smithing skills and started in other trades, which he soon became a master at as well. This lead to the rise of a powerful that got so powerful the Deities had to remove him from the Prime Material Plane. El’ric now resides on the plane with Kord, where the two have battled it out for the past 1,000 years.

Those who worship the deity of creation gains bonuses to their creations as time goes on, they make even greater creations. Those who fail to pay their Offerings end up seeing quit the opposite. The things they make break down not long after making them, or simply just fall apart.

Domains: Art, Craft, Creation, Destruction, Fighter, Fire, Flame, Forge, Mechanus, Metal, Planning, Strength, War, Wood, Wrath
Joshua Male – Grey Elf
Grand Magus of Time
Wizard of all Schools (20 in each school)/Chronomancer (30)

-Is Not really a deity, he is more the keeper of time
-Animal/Symbol a simple pocket watch
-Colors none
-Worshiping at any time you want
-Worshpped in any place you so feel
-Worshiped by anyone who so chooses
-Offerings are not required

The Oldest of all the names listed before. Joshua has been around since the beginning of time. He has seen many things...and eventually followed in the steps of his mentor Zorn, the previous Grand Magus of Time. One of very few of the old elves who did not seek the Undying lands, his history with the world required him to give up his people and stay for the sake of the world.

Having no real priesthood as well as having to focus all his attention to the effects and how time flows, those who choose to follow him gain no bonus or favor from Joshua. However, from time to time...those who help keep the time line maintained as it should be, get a little gift from Joshua.

Domains: Ancestor, Balance, Celerity, Divination, Elysium, Fate, Oracle, The Future, Time

----------------------Old Gods----------------------------------
You had all of your typical AD&D Deities (out of the God’s and Goddess book). All these pantheon’s ruled and shared over the world. Many adventures where to be had till came the end of pre-history came and when the world started to taking shape. The Magi Wars broke man lead a character against them all. Many others soon followed, seeing the Deities could be killed and soon all the old deities fell and by middle of the 1st age a whole new , single pantheon was formed. Since then, names have changed...but they are still out there. The ones who shaped the Prime Material Plane...So here are a list of your long lost deities

Paladine – The first incarnation of Light, Hope and Purity.

She was one of the first to follow Indora into the Magi Wars. Someone had to provide hope behind a slayer, and healing those who needed. So as the Deities of the time turned on the people, this lone Paladin stood up to fight behind Indora. It was the middle to the end of the 1st age people came to worship her as an actually Deity. Never, did any of her followers turn their backs in a fight against evil. Even the name of Paladine, spoke to a person of evil, will make them cringe in fear. Sages say, to this day that it still holds true.

Sadly, at the end of the 2nd age she would meet her demise at the hand of one of her own. Betrayal and treachery amongst the upper planes turned her best man against her. However, her bloodline commanded an heir, so her great grandchild felt the call and took up the Mantle.
Zojick – The foremost expert on all things Drugs, The Lord of Wanders, Master of the Party, King of the Drug Cartel

When pre-written history came to an end, their where two people put In charge of making that history fade away to be known as “The before Time”, so that no one would repeat the mistakes of those days. There are those of that time, that still linger...preserving the history of what they remember. Majick was one of the greatest Paladin’s of all time, Zorn the grandest of wizards in all the land. Together they were unstoppable. The things these two could do were beyond words. Some thought they were twins, or perhaps the same soul split into two different bodies. When it came time for Magi Wars, the gods commissioned these two to erase the past so something like this would happen again. Of course, when it came to the world they often took upon themselves to see it was them to save it. However, they would have to argee to become one and the same. Being the closet’s and lifelong friends as they were, they agreed.

Once it was over, the past of the Time Before was all gone and knowledge of items and such pushed into other planes, dimensions, and time periods and the deities who commissioned them all gone, there was no one to pull them apart again. The memories of both of them welling inside the head of the now cursed man. He wanders the lands, telling stories no one wanted to listen to. Shadows of the past pushed him down dark places till he fell into the drug scene...but, the curse would not allow him to simply die no matter what he did. Eventually people started to praise him for all the drugs he could do to silence those memories. Eventually using his knowledge to travel to other planes and times to try exotic drugs....eventually, fading out of history altogether. There is no report if Zojick is lost on some awesome High or is he has actually been killed.
Indora – The God Slayer/The Sleeping God, The ultimate Deity of war

Indora was a young man, wronged by the gods. So with his family history and fourtinue, he set on a mission. To bring down the Pantheon’s of the Time Before. He believed there did not need to be so many deities that batting an eyelash could offend 2 or 3 of them and guess what, your dead. Find rare materials and forging them into weapons. The creation of this weapon was followed with a trail of god blood. Into the planes Indora went, hunting down all those who stood in the way and forever to be known as the God Slayer. One mortal man, with a mission can do anything he sets his mind was this that caused others to follow and step into the Pantheon of the world now.

Once all the other Deities where slain, Indora claimed his place and went to sleep. It was at the end of the 2nd age that Indora meet his end, at the axe of a dwarf with a passion to fight...and Indora was his last challenge. Kord, awoke the sleeping god. What followed is the thunderous sounds of their weapons clashing against each other across all the planes. People wept and cried from the sound that blasted outwards from the heavens. For 1 year the battle pressed on, in between the thundering sounds, some thought they could hearing laughter. It was true...the two seemed to be equal, and the whole time they were merely toying with each other. It’s true, because as they started to wear down...they started to pull out what true strengths they had. It was a harsh last month, many planes where toppled and no longer exist...the youth of Kord is what won him the fight. Kord then broke the weapon and cast it forever into the planes.
Trinity – 2nd incarnation of Light

Trinity had no clue; her bloodline was linked to a deity, let alone the Goddess of Light. But, when Paladine fell, she soon learned. It was always curious to Trinity how she always had this glow about her, the ability to heal the sick, and couldn’t help but stand up for those who got bullied. She accepted it, leaving behind Husband and Child. Her rule was quiet, nothing much happened, as Paladine had secured stability in the world before her demise.

It was this relaxed lifestyle that helped with the fall of this deity just before the end of the 3rd age. It was a highly skilled assassin from a group called the Coven of Shadows. An elite group known to have ties with the god’s and powerful planar clients. The Death lead to 1,000 of darkness and the evil gods to rule over man until the end of the 3rd age when her son Gathiel stepped up to accept the mantle of the family.
Nebecanezer – Grand Lord of Darkness

There was no word more feared in the 1st age, than this name. If spoken right it would warp minds or cause plants to decay slowly. Everyone looked over their shoulders in fear the evil lord was watching. Nebecanezer is the incarnate of the previous Dark Lords in the Time Before. Carrying their will into the following ages. None of the other Deities dared to fight against the Dark lord and his daughters, whom followed him from the Time Before. Everything Nebecanezer came across he consumed in one way or another. The only thing standing from total control over the Prime Material Plane was Paladine, Alexizandra, and Artimis. The powers of Light, Life, and Knowledge; the tri force of protection against all the dark and evil forces.

However, it was not in the 3’s best interest or in their way to kill anyone. It was a group of evil doer’s that sought power...lead by Kord at the end of the 2nd age these 3 became deities by slaying Nebecanezer.

Serpentis, Kane, Vahn all followed Kord as he went to Slay Indora. The 4 villains had trouble slaying Nebecanezer, and when they thought all was lost Trebourne stepped in, being the deity of Science and Storms as well as Fate of the future, he told Nebecanezer his time had come and took the final blow. The 4 of them took on different parts of the Dark Lords power. When Kord returned, he saw what happened, so Serpentis brought up the idea to band together against any who stand against them and take on the world.

It was the end of one Deity, and beginning of a group of Deities known as the Evil Five.
Loviatar – The mistress of Lust and Pain

Eldest daughter to the Lord of Darkness, she was always given everything. Which feed her own personal desires, and being the daughter of the most evil lord as well as surviving the slaying of her Pantheon, her perverse mind found ways to get retribution. Pain caused to the world that turned against her, and who suffered the most....feed her more and more.

It was this goddess’s ill-fated plan that killed both her and Paladine. Having corrupted a follower of Paladine into doing her bidding, the scene unfolded as the servant of light turned against the goddess and killed Paladine and then realizing what had been, the weapon was turned on Loviatar to slay her as well.

The slayer was the one who assumed the mantle of Lust and Pain. Vahn, the Lord of Pain, suffering, and lust.
Nerule – Goddess of the Nether and Spirits

Youngest child of Nebecanezer, and wife to Lim-Dul the right hand of the Dark Lord was found often not to play well with others. Unlike her sister Loviatar, she did not have a passion to deal with the mortals. So she often traveled to the realms of the dead to feel comfort in her sick mind. It was as she gained knowledge of these worlds she got close to Lim-dul, who never showed affection in return. They married and had one child who has been lost in the sway of history and time.

It was soon after the child, Nerule felt the sways of power and began to grow in stature every day. Forgetting who she was, who was important to her...she began her ramp across the planes. Claiming more souls, trying to be like her father. This threw of the balance of the dead with the god of death, Lumus, and so after counseling with her father...Lumus was granted to right to kill Nerule, and commissioned Lim-Dul to do it. Not having much emotions, the deed was done. Lim-dul the faithful servant of the Death God.
Kane – God of Thieves.

No one ever thought a Hobbit could ever get that power was wrong. Assisting in the downfall of the Lord of Darkness and becoming the God of thieves was the best honor he had to give to his kinsmen. A very cheerful fellow, always traveling amongst the people of the world to find a thief that could do better than him. Kane found many friends, but with friends comes potential enemies, a lesson in life he had forgotten over the centuries. It was Kane who pushed for the prison tower to be built on Prison Isle, so when thieves get caught they had a place to go and into the coliseum they could go to try and gain freedom. Some thought this to be cruel joke by Kane, and it partly was. He is the best, no one could beat him and if someone could, how else to help that along by hardening them along in the tower of Thieves. This place has become the hub of all thief activity. This place was also known as the greatest temple of Thieves.

It was, sadly, at the end of 3rd age that Kane meet his death. Hired by the Gnome’s at the time to kill off a few dragons to end the war between them, however Kane went on this mission and has never returned. It is reported those he went to kill, where killed. No report has come out if it was Kane and if Kane even survived.
Trebourne – Deity of Storms and Technology

No one knows how exactually this gnome came to be a god. It was one of those...Hey look, they worship this guy so he must be a god. And so, from then Trebourne was worshiped as the seer of the future. Leading the gnomes out of the thought of the Time Before. The birth of the Minoi came from this, Tinker Gnomes as the common tongue would know it. They created and crafted, worked together and designed a new wave for the future. Trebourne assisted in the death of Nebecanezer, which helped him to gain more power and to create the 5 Deities of Darkness.

It was at the end of the 3rd age, after the Gnome/Lighting Elf city crumbled beneath the weight of the Dragons as their war waged on. This crushed Trebourne’s only temple. However, he did not die that day. It was deemed by Joshua that the fates should longer have a hand in mortal affairs as god. So they were recalled to serve their original purpose. This gnome is now the Fate of the Future.

Artimis – Deity of Knowledge

Having been the oldest Human alive, and the most calm of all those around him, he was chosen to take up the mantle of this Deity as the 1st age formed. All Artimis did, before coming to this point is learning. Reading books, watching people work, Talking to random strangers and learning their tales, their names...a process that took a very long time.

Eventually this lead to him mastering many forms of spells and psionic’s which only furthered his knowledge of the world. Artimis was also the most Truly Neutral person there could be. Always evening the odds, so thing where fair till the end of the situation. Helping strangers in fight, if one side is short men; giving money and food to the poor and needy; offering to spend time with the sick and elderly when no one would; plowing name it and there was Artimis to help.

This god would still be around today, but like Trebourne, Artimis is one of the fates. So he was recalled to assume his position as Fate of the Present.
Mordin – Deity of all that is Magic in the world

A very close friend of Artimis, they traveled the world...not together, but often running into one another. This grey elf was always digging deep in study of long forgotten magic’s of the they Arcane or Clerical. However, Mordin was with honor...and all the dark spells he found, he destroyed. Taking time to learn all other spells, leading him to be the god of magic to bring in the ages, Mordin went on to create new magic’s for the world to see...and became the very soul of magic for all the world.

Because of him, if there is no god of magic...there is no Magic period. Both for the Arcane and Clerical sides, this reaches into the planes...cutting them off from each other. Magical things would no longer bear magic. Those with magically granted abilities would lose all their abilities.

However, it came to be at the end of the 3rd age, Mordin was removed as deity and recalled to his position as Fate of the Past.
Lumus - The Diety of the Dead, The Undying Lord

The off spring of when dark creatures conspired against the light, This half Drow was born under the light of 5 lunar eclipse, called the death moon. A Bad omen for sure, but to be a child born that night. In the Time Before, many dark rituals where undertaken that the Drow were well known for it. His mother a powerful High Priests of Lolth at the time, and a father that is a skilled leader in the cities army where passed down to a skilled killer. However, Lumus was fair, not just, in his cause when killing people. He learned early on that to be a true killer you had to use all around you, and what better to use than the dead you have. Becoming a powerful necromancer, he friended Lim-dul as he quested for power. And as the 1st age come to an opening, he was chosen to watch over the dead, because Nerule has been killed and was the only other choice. Nebecanezer was not going to give up his right hand man to be the god of death.

It was a plan thought up and acted out right as the war of the Gnomes and Dragons started, someone was going to assassinate Lumus and claim the role of death god for themselves. However, Lumus was killed, but the person who killed him was stopped short of becoming a god himself and that old friend of Lumus and servant of the Dark Lord stepped up to watch over the dead.


Domain - Book - Granted Power
Air - Players/Eberron - Turn/Rebuke earth creatures.

Animal - Players/Eberron - Can speak w/ animals 1/day as spell-like ability. Add knowledge (nature) to class skill list.

Ancestor - Oriental Adventure - # of times/day equal to you Charisma bonus, you can summon an ancestor and channel some of the Ancestor’s Karmic power into yourself. This grants a +4 bonus on any next skill check.

Arborea - Planar Handbook - 1/day as a free action, can channel the glory of the eladrin to grant a bonus on weapon damage rolls and saves against charm and fear effects. This bonus is equal to your Charisma bonus and lasts for 1 minute. This is a Supernatural ability. Add Survival to class skill list.

Art - Shamans - +2 bonus to all Perform and Craft checks

Artifice - Eberron - +4 bonus on Craft checks. +1 Caster level to creation spells

Baator - Planar Handbook - Granted the supernatural ability to see perfectly in Darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell. Add bluff to class skill list.

Balance - Spell Compendium - 1/day, Free action, you can add your Wisdom Modifier to your Armor Class. This bonus lasts for 1round/cleric level

Barbarian - Shamans - Gain the Rage barbarian class feature for two rounds 1/day. If you have the Barbarian class feature already you gain once extra rage a day.

Bard - Shamans - Inspire courage 1/day, as the bardic music ability. If you already have this you gain it one extra time a day.

Beastmaster - Defenders of Faith - Gain the supernatural ability to Speak w/ animals 1/day

Beauty - Book of the Righteous - This Domain pertains to the intense physical and artistic beauty; most of the spells present the subjects with such overpowering beauty that they are unable to properly function. You can perform a feat of beauty, which is a supernatural ability, to gain an enhancement bonus to your charisma equal to you level. Activating the power is a free action, 3 rounds, 1/day

Bestial - Vile Darkness - Gain the Scent extraordinary ability

Blackwater - Stormwrack - Immune to pressure damage from descending into even the greatest of Oceanic depths.

Blood - Evil - You may cut yourself while casting a domain spell, each time you do this you suffer 1 damage per level of the spell. The Duration of the spell is doubled per the Metamagic Feat Extend Spell.

Body - Erotic Fantasy - Add climb, Escape Artist, Jump, Swim, and tumble to your list of cleric class skills

Cavern - Compendium - You gain the stone cunning ability (PH 15). If you already have this, you gain a racial bonus on checks that notice unusual stonework increase to +4

Celerity - Defenders/Compendium - +2 bonus to Dexterity, speed increased +10ft when in light armor, +2 bonus on initiative. These are all supernatural abilities.

Celestia - Planar Handbook - (Must be L.G.) 1/day, free action; generate an aura of menace similar to that of the archons. The aura lasts for 1 min, any hostile enemy w/in a 20ft radius must save a Will check to resist the effects. Those who fail take a -2 on atks, AC, and saves for 24 hrs. This is a super natural ability. Add Sense motive to class skill list.

Celestial - Exalted/Oriental - Smite evil 1/day. Must declare before the roll of the smite, tehn +4 to atk. If successful then cleric level to bonus in damage.

Civilization - Hallowed Might 2 - +2 bonus to gather info checks while made in a settlement of less than 100 people.

Chaos - Evil/Players/Eberron - cast chaos spells at +1 to caster level

Charm - Comp/Eberron - You can boost your Charisma by 4 1/day. Activating this power is a free action. It last 1 minute

Cleric - Shamans - Turn/Rebuke undead one extra time a day. Shamans may turn undead once per day.

Craft - Shamans/Compendium - +2 bonus to Craft checks and +1 to divine bonus to make masterwork items, Cast Conjuration (creation) spells at +1 caster level and gain Skill Focus Feat for one Craft skill of your choice

Creation - Defenders/Compendium - Cast Conjuration (creation) spells with +2 to your caster level

Cold - Spell Compendium - You can turn fire creatures. You can Rebuke if evil.

Commerce - Eberron - Gain a +5 bonus on Profession checks made to earn a living (not checks to accomplish a specialized task). Add Appraise to you class skill list.

Community - Defenders/Comp/Eberron/Exalted - Use calm emotions as a spell-like ability 1/day. +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks.

Corruption - Vile/Evil - 1/day – Make 1 attack that ignores objects hardness. Can also 1/day can know exactly what that creature wants most in the world.

Courage - Spell Compendium - You radiate an aura of courage that grants all allies within 10ft a +4 bonus on saving throws against feature. This only works while you are conscious

Darkness - Compendium/Vile/Evil - Gain the Blind-fighting Feat

Dead - Book of the Righteous - The cleric gains the retributive rebirth power – At 3rd level the cleric who does enough damage to kill the undead with a Turn attempt may instead call upon the spirit(s) that once inhabited the now desecrated and undead bodies. If the person who raised the undead is in the area (1 mile/level) the spirits come into the undead vessels and then go to destroy the evil creature or spell caster who created it.

Death - Evil/Players/Eberron - Gain Death touch 1/day. This is a spell-like ability that is a death effect. You must succeed at a melee attack against a living creature (using rules of touch spells). When successful, roll 1d6/level. If the damage total is atleast the creatures hit points, it dies.

Deathbound - Compendium/Libris - Your limit for creating undead animated with spells increases to 3x your caster level instead of the normal 2x times caster level

Deathless - Eberron - 1/day, can perform a greater rebuking against deathless creatures in place of one of your turn attempts. This is like a normal rebuking except that the deathless creatures that would be rebuked are commanded instead.

Decay - Eberron - Use a touch of decay 1/day. Each touch is a supernatural ability that cause putrescence in organic matter and weakens inorganic matter. Must succeed on a melee touch attack to affect a creature. If you touch a living creature including constructs w/ the living subtype, you deal 1d4 Con damage. If you touch an Undead, Object, or a construct not living you deal 2d6 points of damage +1/caster level

Demonic - Vile Darkness - Character gains +1 divine bonus to attack/damage for unarmed strikes and attacks w/ natural weapons.

Denial - Book of Erotic Fantasy - 1/day you designate an opponent to loose an ability modifier to a single attack, skill check, spell, or spell-like ability

Destruction - Evil/Players/Eberron - You gain the smite power. Call smite before roll, +4 to that roll. If successful add damage bonus equal to cleric levels. 1/day

Diabolic - Vile Darkness - 1/day, can add calss levels as a bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive checks.

Diease - Evil - Immunity to all natural diseases. In addition, you may add your spell-caster level to any savint throw against magical dieases.

Divination - Defenders/Oriental - You cast divination spells with a +2 to your caster level

Domination - Defenders/Comp/Draconom - You gain the spell focus (Enchantment) feat

Dragon - Comp/Draconomicon - Add Bluff and Intimidate to your list of class skills

Dream - Compendium/HoH - You are immune to fear effects

Drow - Compendium - Gain Lightning Reflexes as a bonus feat

Druid - Shamans - You can speak w/ plants or animals as the spells of the same name 1/day each

Dwarf - Spell Compendium - Gain the Greater Fortitude as a bonus feat

Earth - Players/Eberron - Turn/Rebuke air creatures.

Elf - Spell Compendium - You gain the Point blank shot Feat

Elysium - Planar Handbook - (Must be N.G.) Gain the Supernatural ability to smite evil 1/day. This smite is treated as a good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming DR. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, you can use this smite atk 1 additional time/day. Call smite before rolling, +4 to roll. Successful atk get’s levels add to total damage.

Endurance - Book of Exalted Deeds - Perform a feat of endurance, which is the supernatural ability to gain an enhancement bonus to Con equal to ½ your level. Free action, 1 minute, 1/day.

Envy - Spell Compendium - Add Bluff to your list of class skills. In addition, you cast spells that damage or drain ability scores or bestow negative levels at +1 caster level

Evil - Evil/Players/Eberron - +1 to caster lvl when casting Evil spells

Exorcism - Defenders/Eberron - You have the supernatural ability to force possessing spirits out of the bodies they inhabit (Charisma check: 1d20 + your charisma modifier) Consult table 8-16 of players handbook. Using you class levels plus your cleric level, if any, plus your paladin level -2, if any. If the result from the table is at least equal to the HD of possessing creature, your force it out of the body. If the spirit belongs to a spell caster using magic jar, the spirit returns to the receptacle. If it is a ghost, it becomes ethereal and free=floating again. In any case, the spirit cannot attempt to possess the same victim again for 1 day.

Family - Spell Compendium - 1/day as a free action, you can protect a number of creatures equal to your Charisma Modifier with a +4 dodge bonus to AC. This ability lasts 1 round/level. An affected creature loses this protection if it moves more than 10ft from you.

Fate - Spell Comp - Gain the uncanny dodge ability. If you have already, you cleric levels add to that for determining when you gain the improved uncanny dodge class feature

Feast - Eberron - You have immunity to ingested poisons and to disease spread by ingestion.

Fey - Fey Magic/Exalted - +1 to level when casting Enchantment spells.

Fighter - Shamans - You gain a +1 divine bonus to attack rolls

Fire - Players/Eberron - Turn/Rebuke Water creatures.

Flame - Oriental Adventure - Generate a Flame Ward, a spell-like ability to grant yourself or someone you touch a resistance bonus equal to you level on all saving throws against fire spell and effects. Standard action. The Flame ward is an abjuration effect w/ a duration of 1 minute, +1 minute/level – 1/day.

Force - Spell Compendium - By manipulating cosmic forces of inertia, 1/day you can reroll any damage roll and take the better of the two rolls.

Forge - Book of the Righteous - This represents all crafts and works of the hand, not just smithing. Specialized in what is real and receive a +4 bonus on craft and willpower checks against illusions. You may spontaneously cast Make Whole with any of your domain spell slots.

Fortune - Oriental Adventure - Gain the poor of good fortune, which is usable 1/day. This Extraordinary ability allows you to reroll 1 roll that you have just made. You must take the result of the reroll, regardless of the outcome.

Fury - Oriental Adventure - Smite, 1/day. Announce Smite before attack, +4 to hit. If successful get level in damage bonus.

Gluttony - Spell Compendium - For a total times per day of 1 round per cleric level you possess, you can increase your as if you were affected by the enlarge person spell. Free action

Glory - Defenders/Comp/Draco/Exalt - Turn undead with a +2 bonus on the turning check and +1d6 on the turning damage roll.

Gnome - Spell Compendium - Cast Illusion spells at +1 caster lvl

Good - Players Hand Book - +1 to caster level of good spells.

Grave - Oriental Adventure - Death touch 1/day, spell-like ability. Must succeed at a melee touch attack against a living creature. 1d6/level, if damage equals HP or more, death.

Greed - Comp/Vile/Draco - Gain a +2 bonus on Appraise, Open Lock, and Sleight of Hand checks

Guardian - Exorcist (Power)/Oriental - +2 to Turning Checks

Hades - Planar Handbook - (Must be N.E.) Smite Good, 1/day; Supernatural ability. Announce before attack roll, +4 to attack. Successful hit get’s Damage bonus +1/level. This attack is considered evil aligned for overcoming DR. At level 5 and every 5 levels thereafter, 1 extra use of this ability a day.

Halfling - Spell Compendium - 1/day for 10 minutes, you add your charisma modifier to your Climb, Jump Move silently, and Hide checks. Free action.

Hatred - Spell Compendium - 1/day as a free action, choose 1 opponent. Against that foe you gain a +2 bonus on attacks, saving and AC for 1 minute

Haunting - Shamans - +2 to DC of Caster’s fear effect.

Healing - Players/Eberron/Oriental - +1 to caster lvl of Healing spells

Herald - Book of Exalted Deeds - Intimidate becomes a class skill. +4 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.

Hero - Oriental Adventure - 1/day, add lvl to a single attack roll.

Home - Book of the Righteous - 1/day you may designate a location “home” by lighting and tending a hearth there. The area within 30ft radius is considered to be hallowed, like that spell in the following ways: The area is guarded as if by Magic circle against evil; all Charisma checks to turn undead gain a +4 bonus, and Charisma checks to command undead suffer a -4. As soon as the fire is out, the location is longer considered hallowed. A hearth may be anything from a campfire to a full, stone hearth.

Hunger - Compendium/Libris - Gain a Bite attack. Small 1d4, Medium 1d6, or large 1d8. You are proficient with your vite, and considered armed. If you already have a bite attack this brings it up two steps. This is a 2nd natural attack

Illusion - Spell Compendium - You cast all illusion at +1 caster

Inquisition - Defenders/Compendium - Gain a +4 bonus on all dispel checks

Inspiration - Book of the Righteous - 1/day you can inspire courage exactly as the bard ability.

Joining - Book of Erotic Fantasy - cast mending 1/day as a spell-like ability

Joy - Book of Exalted Deeds - +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks.

Justice - Book of the Righteous - This domain pertains to the enforcement of just laws. You gain a free Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon focus with Longswords

Knowledge - Players/Eberron/Oriental - Add all knowledge skills to your list of skills. +1 to caster level of divination spells.

Law - Players/Eberron - +1 to caster level of Law spells.

Liberation - Spell Compendium - If you are affected by a charm, compulsion, or fear effect and fail your save, you can attempt the save again 1 round later. You one get this bonus chance once per spell fail.

Life - Eberron - 1/day, can grant 1d6 +1 temp HP/cleric level to a creature touched. These temp HP last for a maximum of 1hr/level.

Light - Hallowed Might - With a touch, you can infuse a creature w/ light. This is a Spell like ability the you may use once per day. Successful touch attack. When you touch, a burst of light appears. Creatures with vulnerability to light are effected. 1 min/level. Roll 1d6/cleric level. If total atleast equals the total hits points of the creature it is destroyed.

Limbo - Planar Handbook - (Must be C.N.) Smite Law, 1/day; Supernatural ability. Announce before attack roll, +4 to atk. Successful hit get’s +1/level to damage. This attack is treated as a chaotic-aligned for the purpose of overcoming DR. At level 5 and every 5 levels thereafter gain 1 more daily usage of this ability.

Luck - Players/Eberron - Gain the power of good fortune, which is usable 1/day. This extraordinary ability allows you to reroll 1 roll that you have just made before the DM declares whether the roll results in success or failure. You must take the result of the reroll, even if it’s worse than the original roll.

Lust - Compendium/Evil - 1/day as a free action you gain an enhancement to charisma equal to your cleric level. 1 round. Charisma is considered one higher per level for the purposes of Diplomacy and Bluff rolls involving interactions with humans and humanoids.

Madness - Defenders/Comp/Eberron - You gain an “Insanity Score” = to ½ your class level. 1/day you can see and act w/ the clarity of true madness. Use your Insanity score as a bonus on a single roll involving Wisdom, such as Listen or Perception. You have to choose to use this power before the roll is made.

Magic - Players/Eberron - Use scrolls, wands, and other devices w/ spell completion or trigger activation as a wizard of ½ your cleric level. For the purpose of using a scroll or other device, if you are also a wizard, actual wizard levels , these effectively stack.

Mechanus - Planar Handbook - (Must be L.N.) Smite Chaos, 1/day; Supernatural ability. Announce before attack, +4 to roll. Successful hit gets +1/level to damage as bonus. This ability is treated as a Lawful-aligned attack for overcoming DR. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, gain 1/day usage of this ability

Meditation - Eberron - 1/day, can cast 1 spell as thought it had the Empower Spell feat applied to it. However, you cast the spell at its normal level, not at two levels higher, and use the normal casting time of the spell. You need not know the empower spell feat to use this ability.

Memory - Shamans - Gain the bardic knowledge ability, rolling your Intelligence plus your level. If you have another class that provides bardic knowledge, you add half of your divine caster level to that class’s modifier

Mentalism - Spell Comp - 1/day as a standard action, you can generate a mental ward, granting a creature you touch a resistance bonus on its next Will save, equal to your level +2. The Mental ward is an abjuration effect with duration of 1 hour.

Metal - Spell Comp/Oriemtal - You gain a Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon focus as bonus feats for either the light hammer or the war hammer.

Mind - Defenders/Exp.Psionics/Comp. - Gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Read lips, and Sense motive checks, Gain +2 on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects.

Moon - Spell Comp - Turn Lycanthropes.

Mysticism - Defenders/Compendium - apply your Charisma Modifier as a bonus on all saving throws. If you already have this ability, you gain a +1

Nature - Oriental Adventure - Turn/Rebuke normal animals or plant creatures.

Necromancer - Eberron - +1 to Necromancy spell caster level.

Night - Book of the Righteous - Dark Vision 60ft; if already possessing this, it becomes full color and you can see through Deeper Darkness or lower spells.

Nobility - Spell Comp - 1/day as a standard action, you can inspire allies, giving them a +2 morale bonus on savings, attacks, damage, ability and skill checks. Allies must be able to hear you speak for 1 round. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to your charisma.

Nourishment - Shamans - Immunity to normal poison and disease contracted by ingestion

Ocean - Spell Comp - You have the supernatural ability to breathe water as if under the effect of a water breathing spell, up to 1min/level.

Oracle - Righteous/Spell Comp - Cast oracle spells at +1 caster level

Orc - Spell Comp - Gain the smite ability to make a single melee attack with a bonus on the damage roll equal to your cleric level. You must declare a smite hit before the dice is rolled

Pact - Spell Comp - Add Appraise, Intimidate, and Sense Motive to you class skills

Pain - Vile/Evil - Character converts damage that he deals in one blow per day into healing for himself, up to 1 point of damage per level.

Paladin - Shamans - Smite evil 1/day as the class feature. If already possessing the class feature you can now use it one extra time a day.

Partisan - Exorcist (Power) - +4 instead of +2 when performing the aid another action in combat.

Passion - Eberron - For a total time per day of 1 round/cleric level, as a free action you can act as if under the effect of the rage spell. This granted power is a supernatural ability.

Perversion - Erotic Fantasy - Gain the smite power, the supernatural ability to make a single melee attack w/ a +4 bonus to attack and damage equal to your cleric level. You must declare the smite before making the attack.

Pestilence - Defenders/Spell Comp - Immunity to the effects of all diseases, though clerics with this power can still carry infectious diseases.

Plague - Evil - A living extention of Diease and contagions. Wounds caused by your ray attacks fester w/ diease. Damage from your ray attack spells does not heal properly and requires magical healing. W/o magical healing, these points (whether HP or Ability Damage) heal at a rate of only 1 per day

Planning - Spell Comp - Gain Extend spell as a bonus feat

Plant - Players/Eberron - Turn/Rebuke plant creatures

Pleasure - Book of Exalted Deeds - Immunity to any effect that damages or drains Charisma.

Portal - Spell Comp - Can detect an active or inactive portal as if it were a secret door

Predator - Shamans - You can follow a trail with a Wilderness lore check as if you had the track feat.

Pride - Spell Comp - When you roll a 1 on a saving throw, you can immediately reroll the save. You must keep the result of the 2nd roll even if it is another 1

Protection - Players/Eberron - Generate a protective ward as a supernatural ability. Grant someone you touch a resistance bonus equal to your cleric level on his/her next saving throw. Activation is a standard action, the protective ward is an abjuration effect w/ a duration of 1 hour, 1/day.

Purification - Spell Comp - cast all Abjuration spells at +1 caster level

Ranger - Shamans - Gain the Track Feat
Renewal Spell Comp If you fall below 0 HP you regain a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + Con bonus. This ability functions 1/day. If any attack brings you to -10 hp, you die before this power takes effect

Repose - Deities & Demigods - For good aligned clerics to use this ability, they have to take this Domain. Death touch 1/day, and is a spell-like ability. Successful touch melee attach. 1d6/cleric level, if damage is equal to or more than the HP of creature, it dies instantly.

Retribution - Spell Comp - 1/day, if you have been harmed by someone in combat, you can make a strike of vengeance with a melee or ranged weapon against that foe on your next action.

River - Oriental Adventure - Swim w/ great skill (though you cannot breathe water w/o further magical assistance.) You have a base swimming speed of 30ft. You do not need to make Swim checks to swim normally. You gain a +8 bonus on any Swim check to perform some special action or avoid a hazard, and you can always choose to take 10 on these checks, even if rushed or threatened when swimming. You can use the run action while swimming, provided you swim in a straight line.

Rogue - Shamans - Sneak attack +1d6, if already possessing this class feature you gain an extra +1d6 to sneak attack dmg

Rot - Evil - Wounds fester w/ diease and puss from your touch. You are a living estendtion of diease and contagions. Touch attack spells that deal damage do not heal properly from you and require magical healing only. These points (whether HP or Ability damage) otherwise heal at 1 per day, no matter the leve of the target creature.

Rune - Spell Compendium - You gain scribe scroll feat.

Sand - Sandstorm - 1/day, Shape small amount of sand into any solid object you can imagine, up to 8 cubic feet in volune. You can shape 1 object or several, up to a number equal to Wis bonus, as long as the total volume does not exceed 8ft cubbed.

Seafolk - Stormwrack - Gain Expert Swimmer or Rapid Swimming as a bonus feat.

Scalykind - Spell Comp - Turn/Rebuke animals (reptilian And snakes).

Shadow - 2nd edition Spell books - +10% to Hide in Shadow and move silently. 1/day, 10ft/level, as a free action, you can receed or increase the size of the shadows around you. Giving you +/- 1%/level to MS and HS, as the shadows shift.

Slime - Spell Comp - Turn/Rebuke oozes

Sloth - Spell Comp - You are closest to your god while lazing and relaxing. You take no penalty to AC against melee attacks while prone.

Spell - Spell Comp - Gain a +2 bonus on Concentration checks and Spellcraft

Spider - Spell Compendium - Turn/Rebuke Spiders

Spite - Hero’s of Horror - Sympathetic strike. You can Force opponents to take damage they have dealt you. 1/day, you can make a melee touch attack on the target, and deal damage equal to the damage the target dealt to you in the last round, to a maximum of 5 hp/divine caster levels you possess.

Spirit - Shamans - See active spirits within 60ft w/ a successful check and guess their nature and intentions. Dormant spirits can be spotted with a -5 to check.

Stone - Oriental Adventure - Generate a stone ward, a spell-like ability to grant yourself or some you touch DR 5/- against attacks from stone weapons, creatures, or spell effects or against damage from falling on earth or stone. This reduces the damage taken from such attacks by 5 each time damage is dealt. Activating this power is a standard action. The stone ward is an abjuration effect w/ a duration of 1 min, +1 min/level – 1/day.

Storm - Shamans/Comp/Stormwrack - +2 divine bonus to save against electricity, Gain resistance to electricity %.

Strength - Players/Eberron - You can perform a feat of str as a supernatural ability. You gain an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to your cleric level. Activating is a free action, the power lasts 1 rounds, usable 1/da
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